Coopermondo’s projects

  • Coopermondo agrees to form at least 30 human resources of which 20 young officials of the FAIEJ, the Fund of the Ministry at the Base of Togo and 10 members of APES, designed to ensure and promote the development of the cooperative movement in Togo.
  • The initiative intends to implement a pilot project for the promotion and development of cooperative entrepreneurship within the IFAD project in Cameroon - PADFA. Coopermondo and his network partners will contribute to the strengthening of the technical, organizational and advocacy capacities for agricultural cooperatives in the rice sector.
  • Colombia: AGRICOOP Mujer

    Agricoop Mujer is a program dedicated to economic empowerment through the cooperativism of disadvantaged women in the framework of AGRICOOP Colombia (a medium – long term program that Coopermondo carries out in...
  • Agricoop Colombia is a pilot project that aims at enhancing the productivity and entrepreneurial activities in solidarity groups and agricultural cooperatives and aquaculture of the Cauca region, the territory he is still suffering the consequences of years of armed conflict.
  • The project aims to contribute to food security and sovereignty of Togo through an exchange of experiences and expertise between the Italian cooperative movement and rural organizations of Togo.
  • The creation of a "training center for aquaculture" aims to achieve food security by ensuring a healthier and rich in protein diet for everyone, especially for children, and to ensure sustainable economic growth for the families in the Bo and Kakua communities
  • The project aims to trigger a virtuous circle by increasing the amount of land used for agriculture and by the development of a cooperative as a center for the cultivation and marketing of products. Basic literacy courses for women and elders of the villages are also part of the project.
  • Promote and support the cooperative business model as an economic and social tool for emancipation from exploitation; technical training and training on the job according to the cooperative model; spreading the "culture of cooperation" as a form of social growth and individual success.
Projects implemented in partnership
  • Il progetto mira a favorire l’acquisizione di competenze da parte dei gruppi più vulnerabili (donne e giovani generazioni) ed a stimolare lo sviluppo della micro-imprenditoria in settori economici sostenibili e ad alto valore aggiunto (agricoltura, energie rinnovabili, eco-edilizia, artigianato, etc.), contribuendo allo sviluppo socio-economico dei paesi oggetto di interesse.
  • The project aims at improving the living conditions of 1.600 farmers (producers of vegetables, sesame and honey) in Caia district through technical assistance in order to improve agricultural techniques and marketing of products.
  • This project aims at supporting local population in the creation of vegetable gardens, in water conservation and harvesting of crops. Through better access to water, for domestic and productive uses,...