BRIDGES: Social and economic inclusion, youth and women, innovation and diasporas

Social Economy
Project partners: Ministero dell'Interno (donatore) - ARCS Arci Culture Solidali (capofila) - AIDOS - CIES ONLUS - CIM ONLUS - CIPSI - Associazione volontari Dokita - Eurosapienza - GMA Gruppo Missioni Africa ONLUS - Associazione MIcrofinanza e sviluppo - Non c’è Pace Senza Giustizia - Oxfam Italia - FAST – Federazione delle Associazioni Senegalesi del Triveneto Associazione Amici dell’Etiopia ONLUS AMMI – Associazione Multietnica dei Mediatori Interculturali - AST – Association des Sénégalais de Turin de retour au Sénégal La Palabre CoopCim – Coopérative Sociale Coopération Internationale et Migration - REST – Relief Societ of Tigray WISE – Organization for Women in Self Employment Oxfam Great Britain - Soddo Zuria - Woreda Women and Children Affair office
Years: 2017
Budget: 2.650.000 €
Type: Technical Assistance, Training
Beneficiaries: 2.000

Key project actions

“BRIDGES” is a development project that Coopermondo, together with other partners – organizations of diasporas, civil society, Senegalese and Ethiopian institutions, NGOs working directly on the field, universities and research institutes, subjects specialized in microfinance – will develop in two countries, Senegal and Ethiopia, in order to investigate and overcome the root causes of migration.

The project, which is currently in the start-up phase, aims at promoting the acquisition of skills by the most vulnerable groups (women and youth generation) and at stimulating the development of micro-entrepreneurship in sustainable economic sectors with a high added value (agriculture, renewable energy, eco-construction, crafts, etc…), contributing to the socio-economic development of the two countries.

In a perspective of co-development, the project aims at enhancing the role of Senegalese and Ethiopian diasporas in Italy such as promoters of economic development in their countries of origin, helping to strengthen their skills and to channel their investments in income-generating activities and employment opportunities in countries of origin.

Among the results that the project aims to achieve:

  • More than 2,000 beneficiaries trained, half of which are women
  • At least 200 individual companies or cooperatives have been offered technical assistance, in kind support, marketing and managerial training
  • 60 new micro-entrepreneurial start-up created
  • 10 investment projects launched by diasporas in countries of origin

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