Development of youth cooperative entrepreneurship in Togo

Social Economy
Agricolture & Fisheries
Network partners:
Project partners: Ministero per lo Sviluppo alla Base/FAIEJ
Years: 2017 - 2019
Type: Empowerment, Technical Assistance, Training
Beneficiaries: 30

Key project actions

Coopermondo agrees to form at least 30 human resources of which 20 young officials of the FAIEJ, the Fund of the Ministry at the Base of Togo and 10 members of APES, designed to ensure and promote the development of the cooperative movement in Togo.

The training topics include:

  • Basic elements for the creation of a cooperative enterprise
  • Economics and corporate finance
  • Indicators for institutional and business performance

Key will be the transfer of know-how in terms of strategic and cooperative analysis of business risk and design of sustainable financial structures.

Also Coopermondo is committed to supporting the FAIEJ in 4 campaigns, benefiting institutions and civil society, to promote the start-up of cooperative enterprises within young people.

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