SOMiCa: Agricultural development in Caia district

Agricolture & Fisheries
Implemented by:
Project partners: CAM - Consorzio Associazioni per il Mozambico, MAECI (co-finanziatore)
Years: 2016 - 2019
Budget: 1.462.350 €
Type: Technical Assistance, Training
Beneficiaries: 8.000

Key project actions

The project aims at improving horticulture and sesame production in addition to developing the beekeeping sector by introducing modern beekeeping technologies: it will share skills and knowledge to the beneficiaries through training. At the same time SOMiCa aims at improving farmers’ marketing knowledge for better selling these products. This will help to reduce poverty in the least developed communities of the Caia district, in Sofala Province, Mozambique.

Horticulture will be developed with particular attention to sustainable use of water, developing drip irrigation, for a low water usage. Commercialization of products will be promoted by organizing peasants’ marketing committees at zonal level and by putting them in contact with the main actors in the supply chains. In order to avoid dependence on external aid, the project will enhance a “cost sharing” approach to promote access to credit and the development of microcredit.

The project promotes technology that safeguards the ecosystem: management of soil fertility, protection of biodiversity, use of local seed varieties selected, saving water resources through low water use irrigation systems. The apiculture development will favor the protection of forests, helping to reduce fires in the area.

Coopermondo participates in the project by providing training for strengthening of associative and organizational skills as well as cooperatives management from the creation and formalization of the group to the marketing of the products. A special attention will be paid to strengthening the governance of groups and the empowerment of local women. Coopermondo also seeks to encourage the emergence of Saving & Loans groups in order to facilitate access to credit for farmers’ groups.

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