Agricolture & Fisheries

Through agricultural, fisheries and aquaculture projects we work with locals to ensure that food security and the right to a healthy and just food for all. We also operate within the fair trade network.

  • The project aims to contribute to food security and sovereignty of Togo through an exchange of experiences and expertise between the Italian cooperative movement and rural organizations of Togo.
  • The creation of a "training center for aquaculture" aims to achieve food security by ensuring a healthier and rich in protein diet for everyone, especially for children, and to ensure sustainable economic growth for the families in the Bo and Kakua communities
  • The project aims to trigger a virtuous circle by increasing the amount of land used for agriculture and by the development of a cooperative as a center for the cultivation and marketing of products. Basic literacy courses for women and elders of the villages are also part of the project.
  • Assistenza tecnica e formazione del personale presso l'avannotteria di Alessandria per la produzione di spigole, orate e cefali di allevamento. Assistenza tecnica nella fase di costruzione di una nuova avannotteria.
  • Paraguay: Food for work

    L’obiettivo generale del progetto “FOOD FOR WORK” è quello di favorire l’educazione ad una corretta nutrizione, e le condizioni di accesso ad una adeguata alimentazione per i bambini e gli...