What we do

Coopermondo is a system NGO working on two different levels.

Primarily it pursues its own international cooperation projects to promote the Italian cooperative business model in developing countries. Through training and technical assistance to individuals or groups of producers Coopermondo supports the creation of new cooperative enterprises in developing countries and strengthens and accompanies the weaker ones. Moreover, Coopermondo is active in strengthening institutions by contributing for an enabling environment for social economy at regulatory framework level.

Secondly it operates as a System Agency for cooperatives associated with Confcooperative who engage in international cooperation. On the one hand Coopermondo carries out advocacy activities to disseminate the cooperative values and the potential of a cooperative venture between national and international institutions of international cooperation. On the other hand it offers tailored services and consultancies to the cooperatives interested in developing international cooperation projects.


Coopermondo has 2 ongoing projects in Sierra Leone and in Togo. It also follows 2 projects in partnership with CEFA Onlus in Kenya and Mozambique. It joins together 113 projects of 25 different organizations in 42 countries around the world by cooperating with more than 2millions recipients.


Coopermondo sits in the Italian National Council for Development Cooperation, where it promote the added value of the Italian cooperative business model in developing local communities. With the group of experts of the CEDP – Cooperatives Europe Development Platform, it represents cooperatives also towards the DG-DEVCO of the European Commission.


To our members and to the interested enterprises we offer tailored consultancy on planning, training, building international partnerships and networking all based on the needs of each company.


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