What you can do

The action of many simple gestures can turn into a big transformative wave.

Your help is essential to help us building a more cooperative world. Addressing development challenges through  economic, social and environmental sustainability we contribute to the eradication of hunger and extreme poverty. Only by cooperating together we can bring the values of economic democracy, participation, equitable redistribution of incomes in many developing countries.

Each of us can do his part. You can get involved personally and share your professionalism in our projects. You can make your enterprise active in the international cooperation process. But even a small donation to our projects would make the difference: it will help us improving the quality of our programs and our work.

Choose how to cooperate with us: show us your generosity.



Every single cent makes the difference. Support one of Coopermondo’s project in the way that you reckon more suitable and safe according to your needs: bank transfer or paypal.


If you pay your taxes in Italy, you can choose to allocates a small part of the fruits of your work to cooperators of developing world, strengthen their production and ensuring them decent work.


From your hands to those of others. Together we can continue to fulfill the dream of a more cooperative future. Broaden your horizons and push every limit further: continue to make your actions meaningful!


Cooperatives or Social Enterprises

If you are an enterprise let’s find a way to cooperate! Workers can give us their time and their professional experience as volunteers, you can donate your used machinery or technical instruments, you can make a donation – you will not be taxed! – or you can become our member and obtain services and opportunities to jointly develop new international cooperation projects!


Organizations and enterprises who have legal personality may be associated with Coopermondo. Our members, moreover helping us promoting the Italian cooperative model in developing countries, can benefit from tailored consultancies and guidance in the world of international cooperation.