Supporting cooperatives of women and men in developing countries is a simple and straightforward way to boost economic democracy in the world, to ensure healthy food, decent work and education, to develop local communities and territories, and not to force people to abandon them in search for a different future. Change starts from here: cooperate yourself!


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Recurring giving

If you do not want to pay online you can cooperate with us through the activation of a recurring bank transfer, the direct transfer of a certain amount of money on a regular basis credited to Coopermondo! You can choose how much and when to donate and you can revoke it at any time you want.

To activate the RID in favor of Coopermondo download the form, fill it in all its part and send a copy to Coopermondo and one at your bank.

  • Via posta: Coopermondo, Borgo Santo Spirito 78, 00193, Roma
  • Via email (scanned):

Single Bank Transfer: 

To Coopermondo – Associazione per la Cooperazione Internazionale allo Sviluppo

IBAN: IT26A0832703235 000000002903 presso BCC di Roma


On the purpose for payment please choose the project you want to support: “I support the project…”