Enhancing, at the international level, the social and mutual character of Italian cooperatives by promoting a sustainable socio-economic development.

The identity of Coopermondo is founded on the seven cooperative principles and values set out in the “Statement on Cooperative” for the first time in 1937 and regularly updated by the ICA – International Cooperative Alliance.

Our action aims to promote internationally the mutual and social character of Italian Cooperatives (recognized by Article 45 of the Italian Constitution). Cooperatives are keys organizations for the economic and social development of each area.

In addition, in being promoted by Confcooperative, our philosophy is inspired by the social doctrine of the Church, particularly by the encyclical Rerum Novarum issued by Pope Leo XIII in 1891.

Today Pope Francis also makes an appeal to universal solidarity in order to unite the whole human family in the search for sustainable and integral development.

“… The heaviest impacts of the current development model probably will fall over the next decades on the developing countries [where] many poor living in particularly affected places […] and their livelihoods depend heavily on the reserves natural and so-called ecosystem services, such as agriculture, fishing and forestry resources “

In line with the Holy Father words, Coopermondo aims to give a concrete response to the socio-economic problems of developing countries by offering training and technical assistance in order to create cooperative economies three times sustainable (at the economic, social and environmental leve).

Cooperative enterprises, example of economic democracy, are a key instrument to reduce inequalities in the world, ensuring decent work for women and young people and guarantee equal opportunities.

Coopermondo operates as an agency for Confcooperative’s system, within the framework of international development cooperation, specialized to create mutual benefits in respect of:

  • Populations and foreign territories, through its own projects;
  • The partners and all Confcooperative’s structures engaged in international cooperation, through its services and activities.

The cooperative model and the challenge of poverty

Coopermondo’s Project