Support for the Coopermondo program for food security and food sovereignty in Togo

Agricolture et pêche
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Partenaires du projet: Coopermondo
Years: 2014-2015
Budget: 10.000 €
Type d'intervention: Soutien general

Actions clés du projet

The program is based on an exchange of experiences and competencies between the Italian cooperative movement and local rural organizations. The beneficiaries of the programme are the farmers’ organizations, cooperatives and businesses bearers of bankable and sustainable projects. The project, carried out by a pool of six credit cooperative banks, has three components: one agricultural – support and training to the National Confederation of the Peasant Organizations (CTOP- From the French acronym), one financial -microcredit through two micro-finance local institutions (URCLEC and FECECAV), to facilitate the access to the credit to cooperatives and small and medium-sized enterprises – and another one socio-cultural – creation of an environment of synergy and network in the region. The program has led to the creation of more than 100new cooperatives. More than 300 agricultural managers have followed vocational training courses.  Loans, which have benefited over 6,500 members and workers, were disbursed. The contribution of Solidea has served to fuel the micro-credit fund

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