Support for the agricultural cooperatives of Chake Chake District

Agricoltura e Pesca
Progetto a cura di:
Partners di progetto : Fondazione Ivo de Carneri
Anni: 2014
Budget: 5.000 €
Tipo di intervento: Donazione

Azioni chiave del progetto

The purpose of the project is to increase the yields of three agricultural cooperatives of Chake Chake District in the archipelago of Zanzibar through the preparation of experimental agricultural fields and the introduction of agronomic practices on local varieties of rice and corn. Simple techniques of collection and use of rain water were initiated, the conservation systems of the harvest enhanced and the use of pesticides encouraged. The contribution of Solidea has served to strengthen the skills of the three agricultural cooperatives through a training program focused on innovative agricultural techniques, a plan of fertilization with introduction of composting and irrigated and storage techniques

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