The story of Dolcetto

There are 1,300 young farmers, a third of whom are women, who grow around 500 hectares of organic pineapples in Togo. Each one does not own more than half a hectare of land, but together they managed to reach the Italian supermarkets and guarantee a decent job to people in their country.


Realized by Coopermondo and the Commission of Women Cooperative Managers of Confcoopeative, “WomeNpowerment in Coops” is a handbook on the  Italian cooperative experiences towards the achievement of gender equality in the world, offering basic notions on international development cooperation and gender issues in difficult contexts.

Cooperatives and Social Enterprises

Italian cooperatives and cooperators are our greatest resource: together we can do great things. Discover how your cooperative or social enterprise can act together with us through corporate volunteering, payroll donations or donations of goods and used machinery.

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Coopermondo is the NGO of Confcooperative. It both implements its own international development cooperation projects and creates opportunities for Confcooperative’s members and structures engaged in cooperation in developing countries. Coopermondo’s system represents 113 projects carried out by cooperatives that belong to Confcooperative; moreover, through the European network of the Cooperatives Europe Development Platform (CEDP), it binds more than 400 projects with more than 500 partners worldwide.

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Our projects

  • Coopermondo agrees to form at least 30 human resources of which 20 young officials of the FAIEJ, the Fund of the Ministry at the Base of Togo and 10 members of APES, designed to ensure and promote the development of the cooperative movement in Togo.
  • Il progetto mira a favorire l’acquisizione di competenze da parte dei gruppi più vulnerabili (donne e giovani generazioni) ed a stimolare lo sviluppo della micro-imprenditoria in settori economici sostenibili e ad alto valore aggiunto (agricoltura, energie rinnovabili, eco-edilizia, artigianato, etc.), contribuendo allo sviluppo socio-economico dei paesi oggetto di interesse.
  • The project aims at improving the living conditions of 1.600 farmers (producers of vegetables, sesame and honey) in Caia district through technical assistance in order to improve agricultural techniques and marketing of products.
  • Agricoop Colombia is a pilot project that aims at enhancing the productivity and entrepreneurial activities in solidarity groups and agricultural cooperatives and aquaculture of the Cauca region, the territory he is still suffering the consequences of years of armed conflict.

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