In collaboration with different partners, we engage in a constant dialogue with Italian and European institutions to promote the Italian co-operative business model in the world. Our goal is the enhancement of local communities so that they can develop more democratic, more sustainable and more equitable societies.

Solidarity with Colombian cooperatives

Violent rains have hit Mocoa, in the Department of Putomayo, causing avalanches and flooding that led to the death of 311 victims of which 100 children. The local partners of Coopermondo, Confecoop Colombia, launches a fundraising for the recovery of 14,000 cooperative domiciled in Mocoa and damaged by the disaster.

Cooperatives and Social Enterprises

Italian cooperatives and cooperators are our greatest resource: together we can do great things. Discover how your cooperative or social enterprise can act together with us through corporate volunteering, payroll donations or donations of goods and used machinery.

Enter our world

Coopermondo is the NGO of Confcooperative. It both implements its own international development cooperation projects and creates opportunities for Confcooperative’s members and structures engaged in cooperation in developing countries. Coopermondo’s system represents 113 projects carried out by cooperatives that belong to Confcooperative; moreover, through the European network of the Cooperatives Europe Development Platform (CEDP), it binds more than 400 projects with more than 500 partners worldwide.

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Our projects

  • The initiative intends to implement a pilot project for the promotion and development of cooperative entrepreneurship within the IFAD project in Cameroon - PADFA. Coopermondo and his network partners will contribute to the strengthening of the technical, organizational and advocacy capacities for agricultural cooperatives in the rice sector.
  • Agricoop Colombia is a pilot project that aims at enhancing the productivity and entrepreneurial activities in solidarity groups and agricultural cooperatives and aquaculture of the Cauca region, the territory he is still suffering the consequences of years of armed conflict.
  • The project aims to contribute to food security and sovereignty of Togo through an exchange of experiences and expertise between the Italian cooperative movement and rural organizations of Togo.
  • The creation of a "training center for aquaculture" aims to achieve food security by ensuring a healthier and rich in protein diet for everyone, especially for children, and to ensure sustainable economic growth for the families in the Bo and Kakua communities

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