Colombia, Peace agreement signed between the government and FARC

Europe woke up sad for the decision of the British people to leave the EU (Brexit), while across the ocean, in Colombia, people are celebrating a happy and historic day. After more than three years of negotiations, with alternating phases of tension and guerrillas and moments of great enthusiasm and hopes, the Colombian government and the FARC (Colombian Revolutionary forces born in the sixties of the last century) have reached a final peace agreement.
Peace talks were conducted in La Havana and the two parties’ representatives have decided to “outlaw” the use of weapons in the exercise of politics in Colombia. The main objective of the agreement is to give primacy to the “values of democracy, the free exchange of ideas and civilized debate in which there is no room for intolerance and persecution for political reasons”.
The parties have agreed to several compromises, including the commitment by the FARC to hand over all weapons within 180 days of signing the Final Agreement.
The process will be supervised by the United Nations with guarantees for both the government and the FARC. And the UN itself will be handed over all the weapons to be devoted to the construction of three monuments.
“It is a historic moment that Coopermondo is glad to celebrate with all the Colombian public and private partners with which it has the honor of working with for over five years”, says Director Danilo Salerno.
Download the full text of the agreement (in Spanish).