Coop solidarity, earthquake in central Italy: how to give us a hand!

The night of Wednesday, August 24, a strong earthquake hit the Center of Italy causing nearly 250 deaths and destroying entire cities. Coopermondo joins the entire Confcooperative in expressing its solidarity and closeness to all peoples and cooperators of the municipalities affected by the terrible earthquake that has brought death, destruction and terror in the regions of Lazio, Umbria and Marche.
Confcooperative has decided to activate a dedicated bank account to help member of cooperatives that suffered damages and families of cooperators involved.
Here the coordinates of the bank account that we have opened dedicated to contribute to emergencies and reconstruction:
Bank: BCC ROMA Reason: “Popolazioni colpite dal Terremoto del Centro Italia del 24 agosto 2016”
IBAN: IT 62 T 08327 03221000000004711    Swing Code: ROMAITRR
The news from our coop members in the affected areas are not very comforting. A preliminary survey, still very difficult to do, shows a picture of great concern for the many people involved and for many still missing. The area most affected, even from the population point of view, is the province of Rieti.
With regard to the most affected area of the province of Rieti, in agreement with the President of the cooperative Velinia, Aurelio Saulli, a collection point for basic necessities was opened.
We can, therefore, refer to the cooperative Velinia to send aid materials and then, the cooperative will sort the products, in coordination with civil protection and in concert with the local Mayors, according to the needs, trying to also cover fractions less reached by relief.
The following are the references of the cooperative Velinia:
Via della cooperazione 2 – Borgovelino (RI)
Tel: 0746 578329 Fax: 0746 580335 E-mail:
Pres. Saulli Aurelio +39 393 5447848
The genres that are most needed are:

  • Food (ALL LONG STORAGE): pasta, canned foods, long-life milk, biscuits, flour, water, dishes, cutlery and plastic cups and napkins.
  • Children: powdered milk, clothes, creams, wipes, diapers, homogenized, pacifiers, baby bottles and toys;
  • Hygiene products: soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, sanitary napkins for women, bathrobes, plastic sandals;
  • Linen products: Sheets, blankets, sleeping bags;
  • Shoes: Shoes for men, women and children.

We need everyone’s help! Thank you for what you can do!