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AfricHand Project for a 100% African cooperative milk supply chain in Mozambique

A 100% African dairy cooperative supply chain to fight children malnutrition in Mozambique. AfricHand Project is an initiative promoted by several Italian organizations operating in the field of international cooperation and in the agro-food sector for the development of a cooperative milk supply chain in the region of Beira, in Mozambique. Coopermondo is partner and strong supporter of the project led by CEFA Onlus,  CAM (Consorzio Associazioni per il Mozambico) and Granarolo with the support of FEDER Unacoma, Alliance of Italian Cooperatives – Emilia Romagna, A.I.A., Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.
In a rural area, in the center of the country, we want to begin from small rural communities to promote sustainable and democratic economy and at the same time fighting hunger and malnutrition that are still affecting too many children and pregnant mothers in the region, extending this process of growth to the whole society.
The first step of AfricHand will be at a local level: to equip rural communities with cattle and teaching these future farmers the techniques for creating sustainable farming sector, where the production of fodder for the animals feed represents an additional way for efficient utilization the reconverted land for agriculture. However, producing milk is not enough. It is necessary to transform and sell it in the urban centers where the demand for milk, yogurt and cheese is growing.
Beira, Mozambique’s second city and an important river port, will become the beating heart of this project, contributing to the development of a 100% African supply chain that will increase local production and reduce dependency on imports. This will trigger a positive economic circuit that will allow the families of the farmers to have new and important economic resources through which ensure that children can go to school, the only real long-term investment for the future of the country.
AfricHand Project will also address another important issue. In Mozambique, in fact, almost half of the population suffers from chronic malnutrition, that starts as early as pregnancy states till limiting the development in the early years of life, influencing the whole existence of the new generations. That’s why the project will also supply milk and dairy products to pregnant women and to children under five years of age, integrating their diet with food produced locally, with a high nutritional profile and capable of making the difference.
To quote the words of the President of Coopermondo, Francesco Carri: “The AfricHand Project perfectly reflects Coopermondo’s commitment to international development cooperation: strengthening small local producers through the sharing of skills and experiences from the Italian co-operative business model, which not only guarantees economic efficiency within territories but it also coneys social values such as equity, democracy and social inclusion.”
AfricHand Project aims at improving the living conditions of rural populations in Mozambique by finding the resources to do so within the same community: local people have to be the protagonists of their own development! But in order to begin, it needs everyone’s help: let’s give the kickoff of this game towards a Mozambique where sustainable farming can bring hope to a population that is struggling to find its normality.
Give us a hand – starting with a glass of milk! #AfricHand
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For general coordination and infromation regarding the project:
Paolo Chesani | p.chesani@cefaonlus.it
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