Co-operative agenda for 2020

Co-operative enterprises are a perfect fit with the EU2020 strategy that aims for “a sustainable economy, putting people and responsibility first with a sustained fight against exclusion and a transition to a green economy”.

We already act in this way, putting people at the heart of our business, while at the same time generating long-term wealth for the territories. We bring specific answers and innovative solutions that aim at contributing to EU2020.

How co-operatives help:

  • Co-operatives prove particularly efficient in times of crisis, especially given their contribution to economic and financial stability and the maintenance of employment and job creation;

  • Co-operatives contribute to the objectives of upgrading European transport, energy and communication infrastructure and services especially in isolated areas;

  • Co-operative SMEs are growing in services and production sectors. They provide local alternatives for global businesses;

  • Many co-operatives have provided women with opportunities to become entrepreneurs and access to decent work: they have improved access to credit, product and market information, technology and training in management skills and enterprise development.

Given the range and complexity of the challenges facing European society and the business environment, co-operatives are uniquely placed to provide a counter-balance to shareholder-driven business activity. Our knowledge, goals and experience align perfectly with many of the EU’s 2020 goals. We already play a major role across the spectrum of business and so look forward to sharing this experience constructively with the European institutions over the coming decade.

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