Coopermondo: 10 years of cooperation among cooperatives

“We do what we are good at: cooperating in the fields of agriculture, credit, welfare, responsible tourism and to help eliminating inequalities in the world. This is the most effective demonstration of the sixth co-operative principle “cooperation among co-operatives” that goes behind every boundary”. Maurizio Gardini, President of Confcooperative, opens the event dedicated to the celebration of the 10 years of international cooperative development done by Coopermondo, the NGO created by Confcooperative and Federcasse in 2007. “We are proud to be among the founders of this organization. Together we work with in Togo to promote the cooperative movement and strengthen financial inclusion”, says Augusto Dell’Erba, President of Federcasse (apex organization for credit cooperatives).
With 10 international cooperation projects, Coopermondo has contributed to the creation of 152 new cooperative enterprises in Africa and Latin America, training more than 1,143 technicians in agriculture, fisheries and sustainable tourism, benefiting directly and indirectly over 25,000 people. The countries where Coopermondo works – or worked – are: Togo, Colombia, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Benin, Kenya, Mozambique, Senegal.
Many personalities wanted to accompany Coopermondo during its celebrations. Starting with Colombia’s ambassador to Italy, Juan Mesa Zuleta, who praised Coopermondo’s alliance with the SENA because “together, we are building peace”. The Minister of Plenipotentiary Gianluca Grandi, of the Directorate General for Development Cooperation – DGCS and Dr. Valentina Muiesan, the First Secretary of the Italian Embassy in the agencies of the Roman pole of the United Nations, were also present.
“In 10 years Coopermondo has grown a lot. It is now an NGO recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it plays an important role in the Italian cooperation system. The political position he has acquired is already a demonstration of the impact of his work”, says Coopermondo’s President, Francesco Carri.
“We promote the Italian cooperative model in the world as an excellency that many look with admiration,” explains Vice-President Claudia Fiaschi. “We bring our  co-operative experienced to the territories, we create empathy with people and only through an honest exchange of experiences and knowledge we can create a real change“.
The word has then been given to those who have been on the field: Alessandra Nasti, CIRSPE biologist who accompanied trout producers and fishermen in Colombia to improve their productions; Paola Vanzetti of Gestcooper, Confcooperative Piemonte, who accompanied the rice cooperatives in Cameroon and Giovanni Pausini, a cooperator from Emilia-Romagna, who has been following agricultural producers in Togo and Colombia for many years.
The exhibition “Horizons, Thoughts, Colors – Faces of Co-operation” has been launched during the event. It is composed by 9 photos that illustrates Coopermondo’s commitment in contributing to United Nations 2030 Agenda  and at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Each image is associated with an SDG that shows how Coopermondo contribute to alleviating poverty, defeating hunger in the world, promoting decent work and quality education, developing a gender approach, promoting the pacification of war-torn territories and strengthening Global partnerships.
“All this is possible thanks to the training and technical assistance that our cooperators always bring to our partner countries. According to the beneficiaries we work with, they are the ones making the difference. The key to Coopermondo’s success is to provide practical and concrete answers to territories’ needs and provide market access for thousands of producers in developing countries: we mix empathy and solidarity with professionalism and technical experience”, concludes Coopermondo’s Director Danilo Salerno.
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