Coopermondo along with CEFA supporting rural development in Kenya

As part of the collaboration with CEFA Onlus on the project: “Strengthening livelihoods of rural agro-pastoralists in Kitui East Sub County, Kenya”, Coopermondo carried out a mission from 27th February to 26th March 2016. The agenda was set for delivering a training to trainers on associative dynamics, on the benefits to access the market in a cooperative way and on the accompainment process of establishing Savings & Loans groups. Moreover, a qualitative analysis of socio-economic data collected during the investigation in the area of ​​Kitui was carried out.


The project, funded by the Italian Cooperation for Development and the European Union, aims to provide 5,000 beneficiaries with basic training on the agribusiness management, technical training on water supply, as well as support in cultivation practices in arid areas through the promotion of local agricultural products. The training, delivered by Coopermondo and CEFA consultants during the mission, allowed local Field Officers to convey to farmers information and knowledge on the mobilization of individual farmers into associations / cooperatives in order to help them maximize the efficiency of their production and face the market cooperatively. This training provides a collective vision in productive activity and access to the market in an area where subsistence agriculture has long been the engine of everyday life.


  A follow-up will follow to enhance the effectiveness of the program and to ensure its sustainability.


 Several meetings with local authorities and institutions have highlighted the daily challenges that hinder the economic development of the area: among them the limited and difficult access to credit by small producers, a lack of technical knowledge to improve the quality and quantity of production and limited access to regional and international markets.


 To address these deficiencies is one of the key objectives Coopermondo and CEFA target within the current project.

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