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Happy holidays from Coopermondo

An intense year that has brought us huge satisfactions, is now getting to an end. We grew in terms of working team in order to be ready to the increasing demands coming from the NGO world and to give new opportunities to our members in terms of Italian, European and International grants. We grew in terms of projects and beneficiaries: in Colombia we started a long-term program that, within the framework of the Peace Accord signed between the Government and the FARC, will contribute in reconstructing the economic and social tissue in the country; in Cameroon we begun a collaboration with IFAD (the UN Fund for Rural Development) within the MoU framework we signed last year; we have renovated our agreement with the Government of Togo, signing our commitment to strengthen young cooperator in the country; and we have reinforced our partnership with the Italian NGO CEFA in Kenya and Mozambique. We also grew in terms of network within the organizations associated to Confcooperative that are dedicated to international cooperation and that we want to represent and accompany to strengthen their actions in the world.
In 2016 our efforts and work have been recognized at multiple level. The International Cooperative Alliance awarded our pledge as the most relevant within their members to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In Colombia the SENA (National Service for Professional Education – Ministry of Labour), our local partner, have appreciated our work in many public and official occasions. People we work with in the latin america country – the beneficiaries, the instructors, the local producers – with their smiles, enthusiasm and their will to build a better world, are our greatest satisfaction. Same in Togo where, jointly with Federcasse and the pool of cooperative banks, we brought a group of young cooperators that had the chance to share with togoloean youth their experiences and show that it is easy to build bridges within cultures that seems so different but have many things in common.
An intense year is getting to an end but there are many premises that 2017 will be even brighter. We will also reach our first important goal: 10 years of international cooperation in March 2017! Coopermondo is now mature to celebrate.
People are at the centre of our way of working: this is our strength and this is what we will never renounce. And to YOU all, that have contributed to support us, we dedicate this 2016. Keep on being with us because without your cooperation our results would not have the same sweet taste.

Merry Christmas and a 2017 of peace and solidarity for all!


Francesco Carri (President)
Claudia Fiaschi (Vice President)