Italian Cooperatives protagonists in the new European platform dedicated to international cooperation for development

  “Cooperatives in development” is a new online platform that presents the commitment of cooperative enterprises in the international processes of development and fight against poverty. Italian and international stakeholders have now a new tool to check on the systems of cooperative enterprise that promote sustainable development through the creation of decent work and economic and social inclusion of thousands of people.


The new website shows all the international projects carried out by 10 European cooperative organizations between 2008 and 2012. Those cooperatives are now united in a Thematic Working Group (CEDP) coordinated by Cooperatives Europe, a structure that represents 83 cooperative organizations in 33 countries, 123 million of cooperators and 16 thousand enterprises providing employment to 5.4 millions of people.


The collection of the projects was carried out by Coopermondo – Confcooperative, that had the opportunity to enhance its own skills and to disclose the peculiarity of the Italian cooperative experience to European stakeholders and institutions.


This is a huge step forward in international development cooperation: Coopermondo – Confcooperative, in partnership with Cooperatives Europe, is expanding its network and its action on the international level, providing services and important tools to increase cooperative enterprises’ visibility in development cooperation. 

“We expect the platform to promote trade and new opportunities for co-operatives. Moreover we believe that uniqueness of the Italian model, multi-sectoral, inclusive and powerfully in the name of modern subsidiarity, can be further valorized” said Danilo Salerno, director of Coopermondo – Concooperative.


Cooperatives Europe Development Platform (CEDP)

It is a network of 10 European co-operative Organizations, part of Cooperatives Europe, working on issues of development policies and implementation of development actions. Partners share expertise in different and complementary fields: finance for international cooperation, development of agricultural cooperatives, cooperatives law, etc..


Prtners of CEDP network currentyl are: Cecop-Cicopa Europe (EU), CERA-BRS (Belgium), Coopermondo – Confcooperative (Italy), the Co-operative College (UK), DGRV (Germany), Euro Coop (EU), FNCUMA (France), Cooperations (Denmark), Legacoop (Italy), and We Effect (Sweden).


“Cooperatives in development” is a project run by Cooperatives Europe and co-financed by the European Union under the scheme for the grant of non-state actors. This initiative was launched in 2012 and is based on the activities of the CEDP. Its purpose is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of development actors by strengthening trade, instruments of coordination and visibility.


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