Support for the educational project “puppet masters”

Progetto a cura di:
Partners di progetto : Associazione Missionari Comboniani Mondo Aperto onlus
Anni: 2012
Budget: 1.000 €
Tipo di intervento: Donazione

Azioni chiave del progetto


In Egypt, the education is compulsory up to fifteen years and the official literacy is 66.4%. The access to school  in the rural areas and in the northern regions is still well below the national average and the rate of primary school enrollment of boys exceeds that of girls by 13 points. The “Puppet Masters” project, for which it was asked  the contribution of Solidea, has created a theater of puppets, designed for health education, equality of rights between boys and girls and respect for diversity. The puppet models are created by the students in educational workshops made available in the art studio for craft training, at the Comboni missionaries in Cordi Jesu



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