Support for the construction of a well

Energia e ambiente
Progetto a cura di:
Partners di progetto : Associazione Amici dell'Africa onlus
Anni: 2015
Budget: 1.500 €
Tipo di intervento: Donazione

Azioni chiave del progetto

The  Anyama Belle-Ville neighborhood emerged about ten years ago on the outskirts of the great city of Abidjan. At the beginning, the neighborhood was sparsely populated, but over the years many people have built their homes, poor but dignified. In this context, the most serious problems remain the supply of water and electricity. For this reason, upon the request of the sisters of the local community who are committed to social and welfare activities, it has been asked for the contribution of  Solidea, contribution which has allowed to begin the construction of a big well, essential for the extraction and storage of drinking water



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