Support for training of eye surgeons

Progetto a cura di:
Partners di progetto : Atout African associazione di solidarietà internazionale onlus
Anni: 2015
Budget: 5.000 €
Tipo di intervento: Donazione

Azioni chiave del progetto

The hospital Saint Andrè di Tinrè (HSAT) has developed a project aimed at reducing the blindness in Benin and in the neighboring countries, and in particular in the rural areas which cannot be easily reached and where does not exist the opportunity to see an eye specialist. The aim is to contribute to the formation of eye surgeons in Benin and in the subregion, increasing in this way the number of eye specialists, with an adequate education, available to the local populations. The contribution of Solidea onlus has served to sustain the training courses.



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