Support for the project of assistance to the refugees in the camps of “Nwoia County”

Economia sociale
Progetto a cura di:
Partners di progetto : Associazione Missionari Comboniani Mondo Aperto onlus
Anni: 2013-2015
Budget: 3.500 €
Tipo di intervento: Donazione

Azioni chiave del progetto

At Anaka, Nwoya County, Gulu District, the Government has forced the people to gather in camps for defending themselves against the guerrilla attacks aimed at kidnapping young people to enlist them by force. At the time of the project, many people lived crammed into hay and straw huts. The UN World Food Programme used to send, every two months, limited amount of food; for this reason, the population had to work every day in the fields, especially in the rice fields. The contribution of Solidea has served for the purchase of hoes and for the humanitarian aid to over 1200 people, including those affected by physical and mental disabilities, people with AIDS, leprosy, polio and malaria

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